Teen Vogue to Teen Girls: Marx Good, Reagan Bad

“So, Teen Vogue goes after Reagan. Oh, well. For a magazine that publishes “A Guide to Anal Sex” for your 13-year-old daughter, ripping the Gipper seems the least of its sins.”

(Paul Kengor – The American Spectator)  In yet another insidious display of how leftists politicize everything, Teen Vogue is taking a timeout from fashion to teach young girls they shouldn’t like Ronald Reagan. The piece, clumsily titled, “Ronald Reagan Wasn’t the Good Guy President Anti-Trump Republicans Want You to Believe In,” went to such Reagan authorities as a Miss Major Griffin-Gracy, described as a transgender veteran of the Stonewall uprising, to inform girls that “Reagan was so wrong for the country.”

Tell that to the country that in 1984 reelected Reagan in a landslide, carrying 49 of 50 states and winning the Electoral College 525 to 13. That was an electorate with a majority of registered Democrats. Such simple data is not shared with girls perusing the pages of the intrepid Teen VogueView article →


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