Portland mayor Ted Wheeler becomes latest liberal mayor spurned by protesters

(Adam Shaw – Fox News)  Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler on Wednesday was booed, heckled and called a “fascist” by rioters in the city as he tried to attend a “listening session” about ongoing unrest — becoming the latest liberal mayor to be shunned by protesters with whom they had sought to show solidarity.

Wheeler, who for weeks has been backing the protests against efforts by federal law enforcement to stop rioting near federal property, joined protesters at fencing near the Hatfield Courthouse and tried to conduct a “listening session” — and was even hit by tear gas deployed by federal agents.

However, while some protesters were receptive to his presence, many others heckled and booed him, objecting to his refusal to back some of their demands such as abolishing the police, and for the Portland Police’s (for which he is a commissioner) use of tear gas and other methods to shut down riots.  View article →


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