Mark Dever of 9Marks unleashed his own bulldog to pounce on Grace Community Church…and misses the mark entirely

Leeman’s third objection is radically subjective. Maybe, Leeman says, COVID isn’t the right issue for civil disobedience after all. With the LGBTQ issues coming hard and fast, there will be plenty of chance for the church to disobey government mandates. That’s like saying that we should wait until the enemy has us completely surrounded before we fire a shot. By then it will be too late.

(Ed Dingess – Reformation Charlotte)  Every article, podcast, sermon, and blog are written for a reason. The author is attempting to do something with that short moment in time that they have your attention. They are calling you to some sort of action even if that action is restricted to how you think….

Recently, John MacArthur announced that his church will return to traditional gatherings. The elders at GCC reached the decision that the short suspension of church attendance due to COVID-19 had run its course. Despite the state’s orders to remain closed, Grace will has decided to resume traditional worship services. The blog was an announcement and very likely an encouragement to others to do the same. Typically, Christians support one another during times like these. But not Mark Dever’s 9Marks. Despite all that John MacArthur has done over the years for the body of Christ, and despite the obvious hostility growing in our government toward Christianity, Dever unleashed his own bulldog to go after GCC and essentially, siding with a government that despises Christian values. Odd? Indeed!  View article →

CRN changed RA’s title: Mark Dever vs. John MacArthur: 9Marks Misses the Mark


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