Rebels in Training at School Sex Clubs

Another GSA Network page is “Pride and Protest—Safety Tips for LGBTQ Youth” with students pictured in “Black Lives Matter” T-shirts. It’s a protest guide for students who are, don’t forget, middle and high schoolers. They are warned to expect police brutality. If arrested during a protest, gender confused students are told they have the right to insist that police use their preferred names and pronouns, and they don’t have to reveal their biological sex. This advice is needed because, “Police often violate the rights of LGBTQ+ people during arrests or jail booking.”  

(Linda Harvey – Mission: America) Why are public schools in America hosting clubs that teach kids to hate the police?

This insidious indoctrination is often embraced under the unlikely umbrella of sexuality education or “LGBTQ equality.” Federal funding backs up some of this anti-American teaching.

The COVID pause in school attendance is a blessing for the sub-population of students who are confused about sexuality and gender, a helpful break from high-octane leftist propaganda. What they are getting online is radical enough.  View article →

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