Sen. Jeffries: Baptists must stop insidious, Marxist Critical Race Theory

(Capstone Report) Two new members of the Conservative Baptist Network Steering Council called Critical Race Theory and Intersectionality a cancer that Baptists must fight. Reminder: The Southern Baptist Convention’s infamous Resolution 9 approved the use of Critical Race Theory and Intersectionality as “Analytical Tools.” However, conservative Baptists believe these tools are dangers to the health of the church.

“There have been few times in American history when an effort such as the Conservative Baptist Network has been so needed,” said Sen. Peggy Jeffries (R-AR)….

“The unbiblical, cultural Marxist views of Critical Theory and Intersectionality are a cancer on and in our churches: they undermine our Christ-centered efforts at evangelism and true reconciliation, and are alienating large and quickly growing numbers of Baptists from our Cooperative Program-based work. Baptists have to stop this insidious effort to co-opt the church away from its gospel mission into nothing more than a political tool of the left.”  View article →

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Progressive (Social Justice) “Christianity”

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