The ‘Socialization’ Scam

“With so many students now homeschooling in America, because the public schools are closed, we’ll never have a better opportunity to wean our people off the moral and academic disaster that is public education.”

(Lee Duigon – News With Views)  Supposed conservatives, of all people, are beating the drum to re-open the public schools and get the kiddies back into the classroom lickety-split. Even if weird and awkward things have to be done to protect the children from the Chinese on Communist Doomsday Virus—“they’ve got to go back to school! Got to!”


Millions of school-age kids and college students today are learning at home, learning online. Why send them back to the same public schools that these same conservatives have denounced, and rightfully so, as indoctrination centers? Why send them back?

Because, we are told, the kids need the “socialization” that public school provides. View article →

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