Ministries and Churches Receiving More than $1-M in Paycheck Protection Program Funds

(Warren Cole Smith – Ministry Watch)   This month’s MinistryWatch list is a departure for us because it is not a list curated from our own database.  It is a list of all evangelical Christian ministries and churches that received at least $1-million from the Paycheck Protection Program.

This list includes more than 400 ministries, and we have sorted them by state so you can more easily find the ministries in your city.

We have previously published articles about the PPP program.  It is MinistryWatch’s position that it is not wrong for organizations to accept the funds, but non-profit organizations have a responsibility to their donors and to the public to be transparent and accountable regarding their acceptance of the funds, and their use of the funds.  View article →

If there’s no link, click on the headline to read the article.

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