Mohler And MacArthur Have Conflicting Views On Governor Mandated Church Shut Downs

“While Mohler may consider what Grace and other churches are doing as malpractice, he diagnoses all problems while offering no solutions. He says that we ought to respect temporary guidelines, but we are entering our 6th month of lockdown. How long must a church sit on their hands? Half a year is a long type of temporary. When precisely does the temporarily turn into the intolerable? One year in? Two?”

(PNP) Southern Baptist Theological Seminary president Dr. Albert Mohler kicked off a new season of the Briefing by accusing his friend, Dr. John MacArthur of Grace Community Church of “malpractice” by choosing to open up five months into the pandemic and not staying shut down for an indeterminable time.

Mohler opened the program discussing issues surrounding churches being constrained during the pandemic, and in particular, a bad supreme court ruling in Calvary Chapel vs. Sisolak, with Steve Sisolak, being the governor of Nevada. View article →

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CRN changed PNP’s title: Mohler Accuses John MacArthur of ‘Malpractice’ for Having Worship

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