Even Ellen DeGeneres is getting canceled because she hasn’t bowed low enough for the progressive mob

“Remember that as you read the deluge of hit pieces on Ellen that are emerging now almost daily. Kindness does not motivate this crowd of moralizing scolds. Revenge does.”

(Peter Heck – Disrn)  Less than a month ago, I wrote a piece right here about the dangerous incarnation of these modern-day woke witch trials that are destroying the livelihoods of people for not being perfect….

Far from it just being confined to knuckle-dragging conservatives, at the time woke warriors were swiping at the jugulars of card-carrying left-wing titans like Lin Manuel-Miranda, Tina Fey, Jimmy Kimmel, and Alyssa Milano.

For those who remained skeptical of my thesis, allow me to offer the latest piece of corroborating evidence for the unsustainable ridiculousness of this movement. Puritanical leftists are now coming for Ellen. That’s Ellen DeGeneres. And her crime is that she’s not…wait for it…nice enough.  View article →

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