Tucker reacts to leaked George Floyd footage: ‘Why haven’t we seen the rest of the video until right now?’

“You can decide for yourself what you think of that video. And we hope you will. That’s the whole point of having a news network, to bring you the facts and allow you to decide what they amount to.” 

(Fox News)  The American people should have been allowed to see police body camera footage of the moments before Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin pinned George Floyd‘s neck under his knee much sooner than this week, Tucker Carlson argued Tuesday.

Footage from the cameras of former rookie officers Thomas Lane and J. Alexander Kueng was obtained by the Daily Mail and published Monday. The video shows about 18 minutes from Kueng’s body camera and 10 minutes from Lane’s.

The footage shows four Minneapolis police officers struggling with Floyd this past May 25 before one of them, Chauvin, ultimately pins Floyd to the ground in a scene that sparked protests worldwide.  View article →

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