‘Gay Christian’ Musician Reveals ‘Dark Cloud over the Christian Music Industry’

“The Christian music industry thrives in hiding things that are supposedly wrong and make it all taboo. If one of these people would come out it could change countless lives & possibly force the Christian music industry to change or crumble. Either one would be a positive step forward.‬”

(PNP)  Trey Pearson, the former frontman and lead singer of the Christian Band Everyday Sunday’ who came out as openly, flamboyantly gay in 2016, released a Facebook post with his reflections on the Christian Music industry, taking shots and sharing insight into what he calls the ‘dark cloud over the Christian music industry.’

Pearson’s band disbanded after he came out as gay nearly 4 years ago. Hoping to still stay within the music scene and be accepted as a “Gay Christian artist,” he was shunned by his peers and the industry, famously being pulled from the lineup at Joshuafest, a major Christian music festival, when the vast majority of the production team threatened to walk off if he was allowed to play, and hasn’t rejoined that world since. View article →  If there’s no link, click on the headline to read the article.


Homosexual Agenda

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