Seven Secrets To Activate A Powerful Anointing

“Because the Holy Spirit is tied to the anointing, we need to firstly establish the whereabouts of the Holy Spirit in relation to the believer. I’m confident that most believers know the answer, but the NAR has brainwashed their followers into seeking what true believers have already been given. So to clarify – every believer has the indwelling Spirit of God…”

(Rick Becker – Famine In The Land)  Are you sick and tired of living an ordinary Christian life?  Do you struggle to hear from God, walk in the supernatural and bring heaven to earth? “Seven Secrets” is designed to take you from the mundane to the extraordinary, and catapult you from the natural into the supernatural!….

There are actually 14 secrets to activate a powerful anointing, but because this is such an essential revelation, we’ve decided to release the first seven secrets to the larger body of Christ for free. To receive the remaining seven secrets, sign up for our “Fourteen Essential Secrets Course.” This course includes 14 activations, downloadable worksheets, and bonus content. Don’t settle for a low grade anointing –  early bird registration will secure your place, ensure a $10 discount, and give you access to the 14 secrets!  Please keep reading.

If the title and introduction gave you goosebumps and a renewed expectation that you may finally experience something supernatural and unique by accessing secret knowledge, then I’m afraid you’ve probably been duped by the New Apostolic Reformation (NAR). This is the kind of title and claim that would guarantee my appearance on the Sid Roth Show and increase my bank balance. Of course, it’s NONSENSE!!!! But nonsense sells in NAR circles – an experience driven movement with a penchant for the supernatural and special revelations. Many in this movement are false converts, and the spiritually malnourished believers caught up in this deception swallow whatever they’re spoon-fed. NAR “apostles” and “prophets” make themselves indispensable to their followers: “CHRIST-LIKE character can never be fully developed without serving under the anointing. Anointed ministry brings us into contact with the power needed for personal transformation.”Bill Johnson. A Life of Miracles: 365-Day Guide to Prayer and Miracles. View article →

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New Apostolic Reformation

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