Doctors Worldwide Are Recording More Deaths Due to Lockdowns Than to COVID-19

“Hospitals have also reported a significant drop in admissions for other serious conditions, and even urgent referrals between hospitals have dissipated. This is a side effect of hysterical media reports and politicians overextending their reach of power. By overhyping the threat of this virus, they are compelling people to avoid seeking out urgent emergency services.”

(Brad Slager – Townhall) A long-suspected fear of the Covid-19 lockdowns is starting to come to light. In many parts of the world doctors are pointing to a very real probability that lockdown orders are leading to people dying from other serious maladies as a result of avoiding hospitals….

Heart attacks in particular are now looked at as a cause of death greater than the coronavirus itself.

Almost from the beginning of our pandemic lockdowns there have been questions raised over both the wisdom behind the decisions and the broad application of the quarantine orders. Recall early on that Americans were lectured about the necessity of a two-week lockdown “to bend the curve,” yet with the death rate plunging, we still have many areas in the country under harsh restrictions.  View article →

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