Does Francis Chan Plan to Join Hank Hanegraaff in Apostasy to Eastern Orthodoxy?

“In a recent interview with Hanegraaff, Chan discusses the doctrine of transubstantiation as they make a number of dubious claims about the origin and authority of God’s word, the relationship between Protestantism and aberrant expressions of Christianity such as Roman Catholicism. Around the 40-minute mark, it becomes clear that none of these men are satisfied in Christ by hearing His word preached — they all demand more than that.” 

(Jeff Maples – Reformation Charlotte)  Several years ago, we broke the news that Hank Hanegraaff — known as “The Bible Answer Man” — had departed the faith deeply held by Protestants rooted on the five solas and, particularly, salvation by grace alone through faith alone, and joined the Eastern Orthodox Church….

This news left us the victim of vicious attacks from people from the Orthodox community as we made no bones about the fact that Eastern Orthodoxy and Roman Catholicism are not valid expressions of Christianity.  View article →

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Francis Chan

Hank Hanegraaff

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