How Do We Save People from the Tyranny of Lockdown?

“Catastrophizing corona has flattened everything — like predicting a Category 5 Hurricane and taking an army of bulldozers to buildings and bodies before the first gusts ever reach the shore. In states where Democrats have made the lockdown as protracted and punitive as possible, the devastation is seismic.”  

(Katie Hopkins – Frontpage Magazine)  Prager U is looking at the impact of lockdown on our mental health and asking, “Was it worth it?”

In the last 30 days, around 40% of people have reported mental or behavioral health issues, 30% anxiety or depression, 26% trauma and stress and 10.7% have considered suicide.

You need to say it twice to stop yourself reading it like a shopping list. During lockdowns, one in ten people have considered suicide in the last 30 days. Look around you. One in tenView article →

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