Mayor Wheeler Allows Portland to Burn Because In His Opinion It Had ‘Nothing to Lose’

“Nothing to lose.” Spoken like someone with no connection to reality. Also spoken like a career politician who has never run or managed anything outside the comfortable confines of government with its endless supplies of everyone else’s money.

(Bryan Preston – PJ Media) Like many of America’s mayors, Portland’s Mayor Ted Wheeler has been exposed as the wrong person in the wrong place at the wrong time….

He is not cool under fire. He is not the man or woman you want in the foxhole with you when it gets real. He is not a leader. His judgement has proven to be far short of what’s needed in a time of crisis.

Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler is a fool.

OPB reports that when Wheeler could have shown leadership that made a difference for Portland, well, he did. But it was poor leadership that’s allowing riots to destroy his city and its image.  View article →

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