Official Twitter Account of PCUSA Posts Anti-White Messages In ‘Awakening To Structural Racism’ Series

“Discussions centered on the evils and callousness of the white person, as light-skinned participants learned about the work being done by the PCUSA) to dismantle structural racism.”

(PNP)  The PCUSA, eternally competing with the ELCA and United Methodist Church to reach the bottom of the Woke Barrel, tweeted out a series of posts over the last week, haranguing members into white-shaming themselves and embracing all the bile the Blackstabbing movement known as Black Lives Matter has to offer.

The church tweeted on Wednesday with a press release about their demonstration:

“White people get to settle and colonize, take and own and sell human lives. They get to determine who is the ‘us’ and who is the ‘them’” View article →

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