Anarchist Mob Occupy Portland Mayor’s Condo, Demand He Resign And Abolish Police

“Protesters appeared to be vandalizing Wheeler’s building with red paint, and held a metal concert – complete with mosh pit – outside the building. They also flashed high-powered lights onto the building. The noise apparently angered other tenants, at least one of whom allegedly dumped water on the protesters from a window.”

(Ashe Schow – Daily Wire) Portland, Oregon Mayor Ted Wheeler has done just about everything he can to appease the protesters and rioters who have taken hold of his city in the past few months, yet even that isn’t enough to satisfy the mob.

On Friday night, a group of protesters descended upon Wheeler’s condo building and began chanting, playing music, and dancing. The progressive organization Rising Tide North America posted video of protesters entering the building and refusing to leave by linking their arms with tubes. The protesters demanded Wheeler resign, abolish the police by 2022 without any kind of replacement, and give the money saved to black, indigenous, and people of color (BIPOC) communities as well as other city services.  View article →

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Daily Wire Headline: Protesters Occupy Ted Wheeler’s Condo Building, Demand He Resign And Abolish Police


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