Purveyors of False Hope

“My purpose in writing is simply to warn you about those peddling false hopes.  They prey on the vulnerable, often using the opportunity of a medical crisis to extract significant amounts of money from unsuspecting and desperate people.  When Kendra Soucie’s situation worsened, she sought help from one such place called “Hope4Cancer Treatment Centers.”  Because they offer treatment options with no basis in medical science (like treatment with lasers and sound waves), they cannot legally operate in our country.”  

(Richard Holdeman – Gentle Reformation)  Last week I received the sad news that Kendra Soucie, wife of Liberty University assistant basketball coach, Brad Soucie had died….

She succumbed to an aggressive form of breast cancer called “Triple Negative Breast Cancer” (TNBC) after a two-year battle with the disease.  By all accounts Kendra was a gracious and talented Christian woman, who served Christ, her family, and her community well.  Her friends and relatives testify to her faithful witness in the face of death and of the power and presence of God in her passing.  She was just shy of her 50th birthday when she died.  She leaves behind a husband and three children.  View article →

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