‘Historic First Step’: Oregon Offers Race-Based Coronavirus Relief Fund

“This is a wonderful, deserved, and appropriate step to address the harm caused by COVID-19 on the Black community. Black Oregonians have had monumental losses in spirit, hope, community, and resources due to centuries of racial injustice and discrimination.”  

(Jon Brown – Daily Wire)  The Oregon State Legislature approved a coronavirus relief fund for which only black people and black-owned businesses are eligible.

The Oregon Cares Fund for Black Relief and Resiliency was approved last month by the Oregon Legislature’s Emergency Board as part of $200 million it allocated to specific communities and parts of the economy, according to local Portland NBC affiliate KGW.

“The Oregon Cares Fund has been organized by the leaders of Oregon’s Black community,” the fund’s website says. “Now, more than ever, it is critical that the Federal dollars from the CARES Act serve to honor and protect those individuals, families, business owners, and non-profit leaders who are what make Oregon great. We will be serving tens of thousands of Oregonians in a short period of time.” View article →

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