Understanding What Is Happening in America: A Christian Response

Reposted from a few months ago.

“If we are to properly interpret modern events, we must understand how the thought of Saul Alinsky is driving them, because his writings have been enormously influential on the radical Left. His influence on Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama has been well documented. But now a new generation seeks to put into practice the play this dead maniac drew up on the chalkboard.”

(Larry Alex Taunton) Part 1 of 2 – Last week I gave a keynote address at a gathering of conservative Christian Americans in a Birmingham, Alabama hotel.Although social distancing regulations dictated the grand ballroom’s capacity be greatly reduced, it was a sold-out crowd.

The atmosphere was electric. No doubt that was because many were breaking quarantine for the first time. But I attribute the atmosphere chiefly to the fact that many Americans of this ideological stripe are on edge. They are worried that the America they love is committing suicide, and they are looking for answers and direction.

I gave my address the same innocuous title I have given this article. That presentation was motivated by the fact that I see so many Christians and other conservatives who are confused about what is happening in the culture, and quite rightly. There is so much to be confused about.

Part of the reason I think so many are confused is because, on the surface, there appears to be no logic to what is happening. Have you found yourself wondering, What is the goal of these protests? What do the protesters want?

Is it about justice for George Floyd?

Is it about ending police brutality?

Is it about ending racism?

Is it about equality?


None of these keys unlock the mysteries of the political and societal puzzle we are witnessing. In this essay, I hope to make sense of the apparent chaos that fills our streets, the headlines, and the halls of government. I hope that when I’m done the tumblers will line up and we’ll have a key to understanding this moment in our history.    View article →

Part 2


David Wheaton of The Christian Worldview interviews Larry Taunton

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