Former Christianity Today Editor and Trump Critic Mark Galli Converts to Roman Catholicism

“The Mass is a perfect Mark Galli service. There’s no singing. There are no hymns. The homily is five minutes. The whole service is 25 minutes. They give you a single thought, a single illustration, a quote, and you’re done. Wow.”

(Protestia) The former Editor-in-Chief of Christianity Today, Mark Galli, perhaps best known for a parting editorial in the flagship magazine where he blasted Donald Trump for being “profoundly immoral” and called for his impeachment, has left the Christian faith and become a Roman Catholic.

Galli has a long and storied history of converting from one denomination to another. He started out Presbyterian, then became an Episcopalian, then traded that in for Anglicanism. He attended a Greek Orthodox Church, then finally found himself swimming the Tiber and jumping into Rome’s sweet false-gospel embrace.

I’m not rejecting evangelicalism…I’m only taking Anglicanism deeper and thicker.

Galli, who has been attending daily mass at St. Michael Catholic Church for the past two years, even while editor of Christianity Today, intends to be officially confirmed on Sunday, said in an interview with RNS. View article →


Roman Catholicism

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