3 views of submission to government from Romans 13

“So in this post I want to look more carefully at that passage, and hopefully bring out some nuance that I fear many modern American Christians have lost when it comes to Paul’s interaction with Caesar.” 

(Jesse Johnson – The Cripplegate)  Many of you I’m sure have been following what has been happening with Grace Church in Los Angeles. The short version is that the government there has banned singing in church worship services, and then later banned indoor church services altogether, while putting several (impractical) limitations on their meeting outdoors.

The church continued to meet, and released a statement respectfully notifying the government that they were going to obey God by singing and meeting (“Christ, not Caesar, is Head of the Church: A biblical Case for the Church’s Duty to Remain Open”). Their legal saga is ongoing. The church won a temporary restraining order against the county, but that was reversed on appeal.  View article →


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