Jen Hatmaker Flings F-Words at the god She’s Created

“What struck me at the time, and what strikes me again is why someone like Hatmaker, who is so infatuated with gaining earthly audiences and inviting the thunderous applause of men that she willfully invents her own religion, is so stubborn in her desire to rebrand her humanist idolatry as Christianity.”

(Peter Heck – The Resurgent)  News recently dropped of former Christian author Jen Hatmaker’s pending divorce from her husband….

It’s tragic, and until such a time as she or her husband make public statements about the issues in their relationship, it profits no one to speculate or comment, other than to mourn the dissolution of another family unit.

Reading initial stories about the divorce led me back into some of Hatmaker’s more recent posts and comments, something I had distanced myself from for quite some time. I wish I had stayed away.

Anyone who has watched the slow descent of author Jen Hatmaker into a church-abusing provocateur probably wasn’t surprised to read her recent, bizarre Facebook post on suffering (language warning):  View article →


Jen Hatmaker Mourns Loss of RBG, Says of Her: ‘Well done, good and faithful servant’


Wolf!  RUN!! Jen Hatmaker 


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