Carl Lentz: The Point of Christianity is for Pastors to become Unnecessary

“So if I’m a pastor or a priest that wants to keep drawing people to me, I’m not going to tell you everything. I don’t want you to be so good. I don’t want you to be so free. I don’t want you to be so free that you don’t need me, so and I’m going to give you a little bit of guilt. I’m gonna preach something that’s a little bit manipulative to keep you coming but we believe the opposite is true. If you preach the truth, people are going to want to keep finding that.”

(Protestia) Carl Lentz continues to make clear that he doesn’t understand what his role is as the so-called Pastor of Hillsong Church NYC, much to the great shame of all his congregants who keep on attending….

We’ve known this for a while, of course. We knew it when he had an openly homosexual couple leading worship years ago.

We knew it a few months ago when he interviewed the infamous Trinity-denying heretic TD Jakes about racism and black lives matter, in lieu of a church service, fawning over him and encouraging his congregation to follow him. In fact, it was a little more than a month when Lentz said in an interview that Christian churches might be one of the biggest propagators of racist ideology in our country.  View article →


Carl Lentz


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