Hallmark Christmas movie to feature LGBTQ storyline starring Jonathan Bennett

This piece is from USA Today, so consider the source. The Hallmark Channel has always been a conservative family-friendly television channel. Not anymore. As you will see, in the interest of “diversity and inclusion” Hallmark has succumbed to the demands of the LGBTQ mafia. Erin Jensen has the story:

The Hallmark Channel is continuing its efforts to tell diversified storylines as part of its popular “Countdown to Christmas” this year.

One of the network’s holiday films will feature a same-sex couple, Crown Media Family Networks announced Wednesday.

“The Christmas House” premieres Nov. 22 (8 EST/PST) and stars Jonathan Bennett – perhaps best known for his role in “Mean Girls” and “Cake Wars.”

According to the description for the TV movie, Brandon (Bennett) and his husband Jake (Brad Harder) visit Brandon’s parents for the holidays  during which they “are anxiously awaiting a call about the adoption of their first child.”  View article →


Hallmark Channel

LGBTQ Agenda 

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