RZIM Responds to Ravi Zacharias ‘Illicit Online Relationship’ Scandal

(Protestia)  In light of a recent Christian Post article going live about the new supporting evidence Julie Roys uncovered in the Ravi Zacharias sexting scandal, RZIM has released a new statement denying any and all wrong doing while also pledging to never release the woman involved, Lori Thompson, from her Non-Disclosure Agreement (DNA).

The impetuous stem from emails, phone records, and first-hand testimony brought to light by Jerry and Denise Basel, two Christian counselors who counseled Thompson in 2016 while the incident was happening….

Stepping in to help the couple deal with the fallout, they were the ones that were with Thompson when she sent an email to Zacharias telling him she was going to tell her husband about their alleged illicit affair, which prompted Zacharias to famously respond with threatening to commit suicide if she went through with it.  View article →


Ravi Zacharias

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