Betrayed Trust, Part Three: Ravi Zacharias Claimed Accusers in Sexting Scandal Were Extortionists, But Evidence Indicates Otherwise

Both Brad Thompson and Ian deGroot laughed when I asked if Thompson was in “significant financial distress” after his alleged “settlement” with his pastor, as Zacharias’ lawsuit alleges. … Similarly, Tamara Battiste, Lori Anne Thompson’s sister, said: “Thompson is a millionaire . . . They do not need money. They have never needed money.”

(Julie Roys – The Roys Report)  Are Brad and Lori Anne Thompson extortionists who entrapped Ravi Zacharias in a sexting scandal for monetary gain? Or, are they victims of Zacharias—an alleged sexual predator, who preemptively sued them when they tried to hold Zacharias accountable?

This question is central to a 2017 sexting scandal involving Zacharias and Lori Anne Thompson, and evaluating new evidence reported in Parts One and Part Two of this series.

The new evidence portrays Zacharias as a predator who groomed Lori Anne Thompson so he could exploit her sexually.

Yet a piece of evidence that seemingly contradicts this narrative is a demand letter the couple’s lawyer at the time, Mark Bryant, sent to Zacharias in April 2017.

The letter claimed that Zacharias had “caused irreparable harm to the Thompson family.” And it stated that instead of “protracted and public litigation,” the Thompsons would sign a release of Zacharias and his ministry for “the amount of $5 million dollars.”

Four months later, Zacharias replied with a federal lawsuit, accusing the Thompsons of “coaxing him into an inappropriate online relationship” as part of a months-long scheme to extort money from him.

Adding to the portrayal of the Thompsons as extortionists, the lawsuit mentioned two incidents from the Thompson’s past.  View article →

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