How Your Child is Being Groomed to be the Next Antifa/BLM Street Rioter

“The left’s obsession with race is driving a wedge between generations and tearing at the social cohesion necessary for any nation to succeed.”

(Harbingers Daily)  President Trump’s executive order banning critical race theory from federal agencies is a great first step in stopping the Marxist infiltration of government but if he wants to make a real and lasting difference, Trump will turn his focus to the nation’s public schools.

Here, he will find a cesspool of leftist propaganda being drummed into the heads of students and their teachers.

This is where the foundational views of America’s next generation of leaders are being formed, and right now the most fashionable thing on the menu is critical race theory. It’s being served up in mega-doses and any teacher who complains faces the threat of discipline or termination. View article →


Progressivism – Critical Race Theory

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