God Does Not Need Christians to Partner With Atheists to Fight Against Secular Marxism

The bottom line is that Lindsay — and even Richard Dawkins, for that matter — may have interesting and even truthful things to say. But they cannot justify what they believe or why they believe it. As Christians, we can point to an ultimate source of truth in God’s revelation, and we can say “this is why Cultural Marxism is wrong.” 

(Jeff Maples – Reformation Charlotte)  A troubling trend that I’m seeing in conservative Christian circles is the willingness to partner with political conservatives of other religions and even atheists in an effort to stave off the influx of Cultural Marxism and “woke” ideologies that are taking over this nation’s institutions and even our churches.

Even some people that I’m close to, and people in my conservative Reformed circle, have made moves to partner with atheists such as James Lindsay to fight Marxism and Critical Race Theory. People I highly respect have found it necessary to use their intellectual insights and secular perspective identify the dangers of this subversive movement. Unfortunately, by doing so, Christians can inadvertently undermine the gospel.  View article →


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