Hillsong’s Carl Lentz: They Killed Jesus Because He Wasn’t Interested in Rules and ‘All that Fancy Stuff You Do’

“This is basic Christianity 101. This is theology at it’s simplest form. These are not difficult concepts to be wrestled with. It’s not like we’re plumbing the depths and offering a defense of supralapsarianism or unpacking a treatise on the Communicatio Idiomatum. Rather, this is point and click, then copy and paste theology that every pastor who has been in business for a decade should know.”

(Protestia)  Hillsong NY Pastor Carl Lentz has demonstrated once again that his grasp of the scriptures and theology proper leaves much to be desired, when he appeared on the Logan Paul show Implausible to suggest that Jesus was killed because he wasn’t interested in the rule following of religions.

Q: What do you say to the people that will say “celebrities go to Hillsong because they’re lazy in their religion.” What do you say to people who have practiced strict Catholicism for so long that they look at what you guys preach, which obviously I love, and say “this is not enough, this doesn’t get you a ticket to heaven. You’re not doing what needs to be done to-“  View article →


Carl Lentz


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