They’ve Just Got to Control Us

“It all goes back to the bizarre mix of ideology and pseudo-religion imbibed by liberals. Denying the existence of God, their search for an ultimate authority can take them no higher than the state, with Science hobbling along beside it like Igor shambling to keep up with Frankenstein. Between them they claim to be able, eventually, to do everything that God should have done but didn’t because He isn’t real.”

(Lee Duigon – News With Views)  What makes “progressives” tick? What gets them up in the morning and sustains them through the day? What makes their lives worth living?

The sheer delight of controlling other people’s lives.

While people flee New York City in droves, fleeing the high taxes, the burgeoning crime rate, and the prospect that worse will surely be in store for them if they stay, New York Mayor Bill de Blasio—it’s not even his real name: his real name is Warren Wilhelm—who’s so progressive that he once went down to Nicaragua to help the Sandinistas—this Mussolini who can’t make the trains run on time: this preposterously inept mayor, who had the gall to run for president but dropped out when he racked up Zero percent in the polls—this proud progressive has announced that the face masks, the social distancing, and the plethora of restrictions… is going to continue.  View article →


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