‘The Return’ – To WHAT? A Bait & Switch Revival?

“Cahn typically includes the addition of Old Testament prophecies about Israel, potent occult mysticism derived from visions, fictional narratives, occult lore, numerology, and other unbiblical sources. His theology matches up precisely with that of the New Apostolic Reformation (NAR), particularly his eschatology.” 

(Sarah H. Leslie – Herescope) America the nation is in a state of crisis. Violence and chaos erupts in the streets, pestilence swarms from coast to coast, fires are raging in the West, and bullying threats are ruining lives on mainstream media and social media….

The church that is located in America is bogged down by its flagrant sins, especially by indulging in heresies and sexual immoralities. Freedom hangs by a thread. The right to life may never be so precarious. Truth is scarce, and the courage of godly men to speak out the Truth of the Gospel is even more rare. Those who do cry out run the risk of being “cancelled” by social media or censored by high tech. It is without dispute that the times are indeed dire. It is also very evident that this is a time when each individual should seek the Lord in contrition and repentance. The saving Gospel of Jesus Christ is our only hope.

So into this tumultuous time of judgment two men arose this past weekend to call for prayer and repentance at our nation’s capital. Fervent prayer and sincere repentance are needed. But both of these men’s calls were based on “identificational repentance,”[1] the concocted doctrine that people can corporately confess the sins of their ancestors, each other, or their nations. Further, the messages by these men contained a serious omission. What was left out? We believe that repentance and revival cannot be achieved without a return to God’s Word as our sole and final authority over our lives.    View article →




Jonathan Cahn

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