FED UP: Citizens, Community Leaders Form Coalition to Save Portland

(Jeff Reynolds – PJ Media)  A group of citizens in Portland, Ore., have come together to say enough is enough. After months of riots, spikes in violent crime, and years of inaction on the homeless population, the Coalition to Save Portland has begun to push back on the city’s failed leadership. The coalition has taken several actions to foster frank discussions about the growing problems in Portland, and what actions city leaders should take to correct them. Time will tell if city leaders listen or continue on their radical path.

In a press release, the coalition said,

On Thursday, a group of community leaders and Portland residents announced the formation of Coalition to Save Portland. The Coalition issued the following mission statement: “Our mission is simple: To Save Portland. We are a diverse grassroots coalition of concerned Portlanders who are fed up with the anarchy and policies of appeasement that allow our city to burn. Our goal is to restore a Portland that can maintain law and order while dealing appropriately with bad cops when needed. A Portland that can protect prosperity and peace for everyone. A Portland that is not boarded up, smashed, burned, and covered in graffiti. A Portland that remembers that liberty does not equal anarchy. A Portland that can live together in true harmony.”  View article →


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