The Weapon Against Christian Paradigm in the Year 2020

“The evil to come in the next generation will be worse than this one if left unopposed and unexposed! Postmodernism by its own definition is a ‘scientific revolution’ it seeks to deconstruct Christianity and other faiths, it seeks to lift up what we call evil as good, and condemn God’s grace, creation, and salvation from sin as evil!”

(John Beardsley – Truth With Snares)  A Weapon Against The Christian Paradigm -The Hegelian Dialectic with Postmodern Thinking Deployed.

What in Heaven’s name am I talking about you ask!? Well, much of what I will share is nothing new, and it is as old as sin and Satan himself….

While I use some big words, I am not using them to intimidate as if I hold some higher intelligence but I believe you need to understand these things as I describe this very old weapon is being used against us… it is no more complicated than Satan’s lies to Eve in the Garden, deception wrapped in new clothes.

We live in a day that any Bible-believing Christian would call a dark day in the end times. Well, this article is not to argue the specifics of Jesus’ physical and bodily return to Earth that I believe will happen according to Acts 1:11 – and I look forward to it! With that discussion set aside, let us move on to the issues at hand today!

The Hegelian Dialectic to start as explained in-depth, first by a respected Bible teacher Dr. Francis Schaeffer,

Hegel’s intricate system puts great emphasis on the centrality of the state and the flow of history. In The Universe Next Door (1976) James W. Sire (1933–) summarizes Frederick Copleston’s (1907–) study of Hegel in Volume 7 of A History of Philosophy (1963). This summary is so succinct that I will quote it, insofar as Copleston’s treatment is too lengthy to quote in full: “According to Hegel, the universe is steadily unfolding and so is man’s understanding of it. No single proposition about reality can truly reflect what is the case. Rather, in the heart of the truth of a given proposition one finds its opposite. This, where recognized, unfolds and stands in opposition to the thesis. Yet there is truth in both thesis and antithesis, and when this is perceived a synthesis is formed and a new proposition states the truth of the newly recognized situation. But this in turn is found to contain its own contradiction and the process goes on ad infinitum. Thus the universe and man’s understanding of it unfolds dialectically. In short the universe with its consciousness—man—evolves.”

The result is that all possible particular positions are indeed relativized. While it is an oversimplification of Hegel’s complete position, this has led to the idea that truth is to be sought in synthesis rather than antithesis. Instead of antithesis (that some things are true and their opposite untrue), truth and moral rightness will be found in the flow of history, a synthesis of them. This concept has not only won on the other side of the Iron Curtain [Communist nations]; it has won on this side as well [here in the United States]. Today not only in philosophy but in politics, government, and individual morality, our generation sees solutions in terms of synthesis and not absolutes. When this happens, truth, as people had always thought of truth, has died.

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