Pushing Back the Indoctrination

“The Trump administration has also banned the teaching of Critical Race Theory in federal agencies and the military. Popularized by late leftist academic Derrick Bell, Critical Race Theory employs Marxist class theory, substituting race for economics. All whites are racists, America is irretrievably racist, and denial of being a racist or failing to confess “white privilege” is proof of racism.  Sounds a lot like Princeton, or so we’re told.”

(Robert Knight – Townhall) From the president on down, we’re seeing a welcome pushback against Marxist indoctrination in our colleges, government agencies, and even the military.

It had better happen soon, too, because in K-12 schools, hapless children are being subjected to the awful, anti-American 1619 Project and Black Lives Matter curricula. But at least there is movement at the top of the academic and government food chains.  View article →


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