The Cult of Covidism Has Invaded the Church

“No one should be surprised that violence arises when the institution that is called to be the spiritual guide of the nation becomes paralyzed.  When the Church’s most holy practices are surrendered to the whims of Covidism, it is clear the Church no longer believes in its reasons for being the Church — hence the ease with which the Church is being overcome.” 

(Fay Voshell – American Thinker)  What should have been a purely scientific response aimed at control and cure of a disease quickly evolved into the political-religious cult of Covidism.  Objective scientific analysis of and responses to what is the contagious pathogen COVID-19 were almost immediately suffocated by a plethora of arbitrary pseudo-religious rituals.

The capitulation of the churches to rituals radically modifying and even antagonistic to Christian rites may be because the Church, continually rent by internal crises and scandals, did not recognize the rival religion when it appeared.

It may be that the budding religious cult prevailed rapidly because Covidism was purported to be based on science.  But it is actually an offshoot of the religion of scientism, which elevates speculative metaphysics and mystery rituals on the basis of scientific-sounding but untested suppositions.

The result of the surprise appearance of Covidism has been that core doctrines of the Christian Church — Catholic, Orthodox or Protestant — have been severely compromised or even replaced by the enforcement of COVID-19 ritual cleansings coupled with liturgies and doctrines of the radical left.

Without much resistance or thought, most institutions, including the American Church, voluntarily capitulated to the cult’s ritualistic regulatory minutiae.  View article →


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