The End of Covid Hysteria

“Most want what Trump has wanted since April, is to open America up. Fully. There has been serious push-back in the scientific community on the Democrat position of cowering in place.  Yes, that’s what it is.  That’s what they want.  Do you see people walking alone outside with a mask on?  Or riding bikes masked?  Or those who drive masked in their car by themselves?  Yes, those are the ones who have succumbed to the Democrat/media hysteria.”

(David Prentice – American Thinker)  Most of the nation was stunned by the news that Donald and Melania Trump had contracted COVID.  I found out early morning the night after it was announced….

Already the Democrat/media complex was gleefully hoping for death, reportedly focusing on Trump’s “cavalier attitude” towards COVID precautions.  As the center-right media began to report the left’s response, the obvious was clear.  Few on the right would have reacted that way had Biden contracted it.  Recognized by a few heavies in the leftist echo chamber, Twitter actually began taking these ugly rants down.

The amount of insanity and hysteria poured into Trump’s diagnosis by the Democrat/media complex the rest of the weekend was almost funny to watch.  Did his doctor lie?  Did he lie?  What about the 25th Amendment, the procedure of presidential replacement, the coming election, the pending Supreme Court appointment, the number of people surrounding him who were infected?  How dare he take a five-minute ride with Secret Service agents to thank his well wishers!  Non-stop around the clock hysteria.  Almost none of it was helpful, and most of it was true as believing the sky is falling.  View article →


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