Wait, What?! Pro-Life ‘Conservatives’ Voting for Biden?

“If you believe God’s Word but when it comes to voting, you go against what the Bible teaches, you are in contradiction which causes internal stress. A person claims to be one thing but acts like the opposite.”

(David Fiorazo)  Something doesn’t add up. With all that we know about how extreme and radical Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are, please help me understand the rationale behind those who claim to be Christian, conservative or pro-life and can vote for the Democrat Party anymore.

It’s one thing to say Donald Trump is personally offensive and you’re not going to vote in this election. But to say Trump is so offensive that you’re willing to abandon your convictions and faith, and endorse a candidate whose policies are diametrically opposed to all you claim to believe in and value seems to be completely flawed logic.

Am I missing something here? You cannot in good conscience justify this horrific evil that takes an innocent human life. How can this be explained?  View article →


Pro-Life Issues

CRN is posting David’s excellent article because we agree with him that professing Christians who are aware of the DNC’s diabolical platform could not in good conscience cast their vote for a Democrat.  However, David quoted Dr. Michael Brown in his piece, and although what Brown stated is true, we need to inform our subscribers that CRN does not in any way endorse Dr. Michael Brown.

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