Trump vs. Biden: A Rundown

“Would Biden reopen America’s southern border and allow foreign nationals their old accustomed free access to enter the U.S. illegally? Would he perhaps stop the wall’s construction or even dynamite its soon to be completed 400 miles? Would he ask the Mexican president to withdraw the Mexican border troops that have radically curtailed illegal crossings? How many illegal aliens would be given blanket amnesty? Would he reinstate NAFTA and rid himself of the Trump substitute?”

(Victor Davis Hanson – National Review) One week out, the contrasts are worth assessing. Biden so far has issued no substantive critique of Trump’s foreign policy other than banalities that Trump’s comportment and unpredictability have offended allies and tarnished America’s reputation.

But who exactly, according to Biden, is offended?

China? Russia? Iran? Turkey? And all those states that, given their records, should be offended?

Or are the aggrieved Arab World, Israel, Brazil, Poland, and India, angry at Trump’s outreach to them all? View article →


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