Should Christians Vote for the Vain and Boastful?

“It is not simply that Christians are allowed to vote for the kind of boastful candidates Piper finds incomprehensible as a choice. God deliberately confounds our moral calculus — especially those calculations designed to make us look more righteous than others.”

(Ben Voth – American Thinker) Evangelical thinker, author, and Christian pastor John Piper stirred the Christian community and a larger public intrigued with how Christians may vote in the this election with his recent essay, “Policies, Persons, and Paths to Ruin: Pondering the Implications of the 2020 Election.”

Piper concludes: “I will not develop some calculus to determine which path of destruction I will support.” After rejecting the sin of boastfulness with a terminology diagnosed in the Greek with the term “eristikos,” he is willing to forswear voting on or in the Presidential election of 2020.  Piper’s critique of leadership character is one of several made by other major evangelical thinkers like Max Lucado and Beth Moore.  Piper’s thesis cannot be reconciled to the rhetoric and arguments of basic Biblical hermeneutics.    View article →


John Piper

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