Election Revealed Two Sides – Big Media/Big Tech vs. the People and Donald Trump

“In this election it was a story between academia, Hollywood, celebrities, Silicon Valley, the media, big banks and Wall Street. And who did Donald Trump have on his side? He had those people at the rallies, he had an outreach to minorities, he had talk radio and that’s about it.” 

(Victoria Taft – PJ Media)  “I’m worried,” Victor Davis Hanson told Fox News host Tucker Carlson Wednesday after the election.

He’s rightly concerned about the future of American elections and the outsized roles and biases that the media, pollsters, and Big Tech play in them. The people have become bit players.

And so I’m very worried that many people are gaining and using inordinate influence in a way that is really warping the constitutional system that’s worked really well for 233 years. So why can’t we just take a deep breath, not call these states before we know the decision, and let the people decide. And that’s not what they want. 

The media set expectations about the outcome of the elections like the “Biden landslide” narrative, an outcome ratified by the pollsters, and supported by Big Tech’s censorship of those who defied it. At that point, the die was cast for the election. And everything else that didn’t agree was an outlier, an anomaly. The players swallowed whole the Democrats’ COVID-triggered, yet long desired, election law changes that dismantled safeguards. Gone were regular election deadlines, matching signatures, and postmarks for their planned avalanche of mail-in ballots. Ballots were delivered by postal workers whose own union endorsed the Democrat. Republicans were supposed to sit down and be quiet about it or risk being called racist voter suppressionists, if that’s even a word.  View article →


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