God, Glory, and Ungodly Rulers

“Not all political leaders who persecute the church, and not all individuals who belong to a mob burning churches and killing Christians, die instantly or suffer horrible deaths. But all of God’s enemies will face God’s judgment.”

(Bill Muehlenberg – Cultural Watch) God does not change. So what we find God to be like and to be doing in the Old Testament we also find in the New. Sure, Christians believe in progressive revelation, the idea that God did not fully reveal himself from day one, but instead he did so over time.

Or as Alec Motyer has put it, “Progressive revelation is a movement from truth to more truth and so to full truth.” Here I want to discuss how God has dealt with rulers and the nations. We find plenty of this in the OT of course. And the principles found there continue into the NT.

There are some changes however. In the OT God had one special nation that he called and worked with to bless other nations: Israel. In the NT people from all nations and tribes and tongues and ethnic groups comprise the one people of God: the Body of Christ.   View article →


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