Joe Biden Says He Would Sign Executive Order Week 1 Forcing Americans to Fund Planned Parenthood

“Biden, his supporters an the liberal media are endlessly promoting the theme that Biden will foster “healing” in America, but forcing Americans to fund killing babies is hardly an effort that will heal divisions in the country.”

(Steve Ertelt – Life News)  Should Joe Biden become president after recounts and court cases involving allegations of massive election fraud, he says he will sign an executive order on week one of any potential presidency to force America taxpayers to fund the Planned Parenthood abortion business.

Even though Biden may not be certified as the new president, he has already formed a presidential transition team and that team has released a set of priorities of the first things on he would in office. On the list is a promise to reverse President Donald Trump’s Protect Life rule that make sure taxpayers aren’t forced to fund groups like Planned Parenthood that perform and promote abortions in other countries. View article →


Pro-Life-Abortion Issues

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