What to Know About Litigation Being Waged Across U.S. to Preserve Trump Presidency

“Courts are usually very reluctant to overturn election results even with substantial evidence of possible problems that raise questions about the legitimacy of the outcome. Thus, no matter what the merits are of the claims being made by the Trump campaign, they face an uphill battle in the courts.”

(Hans A. von Spakovsky – Heritage Foundation)  We all knew Election Day 2020 wouldn’t be normal. And yet it still seems remarkable that we don’t know yet who will be the president of the United States on Jan. 20.

And we may not know for some time if we’ll have four more years of President Donald Trump or a newly inaugurated President Joe Biden.

Even if news organizations declare a winner in the close presidential race, that’s not the official result. States have until Dec. 8 to settle any election disputes and certify their results before the meeting of state electors in every state Dec. 14, when they cast their Electoral College votes for president.  View article →


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