Carl Lentz Hires Famous PR Firm To Navigate Swift Restoration to Ministry

“The company will have their work cut out for them, as rumors swirl that more women have come forward with allegations of more sexual impropriety- a move if true will further alienate those with a propensity to brush off his 5-month long adulterous affair as a one-time mistake.”

(Protestia) Disgraced pastor Carl Lentz (can we stop calling him that yet?) is out at Hillsong, but that he has hired public relations firm Sunshine Sachs to do damage control on his reputation, setting the stage for a swift return to the public eye.

Lentz, who has gone radio silent since announcing the affair with NY designer Ranin Karim, hired the small but influential PR company to begin cultivating the needed narrative. No fly-by-night operation, the scrappy company boasts an impressive client list of Hollywood royalty and sports superstars, such as Mehgan Markle, Justin Timberlake, Leonardo Dicaprio, and the Jackson family. They have a reputation of using ‘bare-knuckle tactics’ when it comes to aggressively protecting and promoting their clients.  View article →


Cark Lentz

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