New Study on Masks Shows…That NO ONE Knows What They’re Talking About…NO ONE.

“Continue to practice social distancing and wash your hands for 20-seconds as often as possible, but this mask stuff has again taken a hit. With that, I don’t know who to trust. It changes, almost like the number of glasses of water one should drink a day.”

(Matt Vespa = Townhall)  Well, we have a new study on mask-wearing in the time of COVID, and it once again shows that the so-called experts have been peddling information that might not be true. Of course, on a commonsense scale, wearing a mask to prevent spreading the virus makes sense….

It does not make you immune. And with the back-and-forth on masks, the credibility of this recommendation has been shot up like a piece of swiss cheese. The best part is that the study undermines the mask regime the COVID Nazis want us to abide by on a daily basis. Look, I won’t lie, folks, I can’t shop for groceries without a mask, so I have been wearing one. Also, I don’t want to waste time being mobbed by the “COVID Karens,” but the headline in The New York Times piece says it all about the media and when their narrative gets blown up.  View article →

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