Not Satire: Russian Group Hacks Kenneth Copeland -Demands Ransom or Will Release 1.2tb of ‘Sensitive’ Information

(Protestia)  In a story that is stranger than fiction, the Russian hacking group REvil announced that they’ve successfully hacked into Kenneth Copeland Ministries and have stolen 1.2 terabytes of “sensitive data.” As a result, they are threatening to release it to the public if the televangelist doesn’t pay their ransom.

Copeland, 83, the arch-heretic who has a net worth of somewhere between 500-700 million dollars, was last seen demonically laughing at the media who were claiming Biden won the election, unsettling news given that he had prophecied already that Trump would take the win.

After their ill-gotten gain, the ransomware group sent out a “press release” on the dark web, bragging that they’ve taken over and encrypted the servers at the Texas-based Kenneth Copeland Ministries and had acquired “financial documents, contracts, bank documents, sales history, [and] emails.” This act leaves the ministry completely locked out and at the mercy of the predatory hackers.  View article →


Kenneth Copeland

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