Carl Lentz Begins Intensive Marriage Therapy; Woman Who Had Affair Seeks ‘Closure’

“When you give somebody so much power, they become God to people. People forgot the concept of religion and beliefs and people look at Carl like he’s God.”

(Paul O’Donnell – Roys Report)  Since admitting adultery and being fired from his job as lead pastor of the New York congregation of Hillsong Church for “moral failures,” Carl Lentz is giving every sign he wants to move on. He and his wife have reportedly sold their New Jersey home, moved to California, and begun intense marriage therapy. 

But the woman who confesses to a five-month affair with Lentz says she is still looking for closure. Ranin Karim, 34, appeared on ABC’s Good Morning America this morning, wearing a necklace she said Lentz gave her.

In the segment, Karim described her encounter with Lentz on the lawn in Domino Park, on the Brooklyn riverfront, and recounted that she felt “confused” when the pastor told her he had been married for 17 years, with three children, not long after asking her out for a drink. View article →


Carl Lentz

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