Francis Chan Claims to Be Jesus, Heals Whole Village without the Holy Spirit

“He says I can do whatever he did, and I can do greater things than he did, John 14:12, and I go I memorized that as a high school student and I believe it right now. I am Jesus right now. He and I are one. He abides in me, I abide in him. These are not just memory verses.”

(Protestia)  Francis Chan has upped the theological ante recently, going from the relatively sound reformed pastor, through Bill Johnson-loving charismatic, to a full-fledged faith healer, and now to Jesus in the Flesh when he described in a recent video how he laid hands and healed a whole village in Myanmar, ostensibly without the Holy Spirit.

Chan has a particularly irritating way of speaking, where his modus operandi is to consistently engage in religious performance art, not unlike Todd White who falls to his knees red-faced and weeping every three sentences or a certain baptist and pentecostal segment of preachers who insert “-ah” after every few words.

In Chan’s case, he reads the scriptures and preaches like he has an intestinal blockage, with strained features and gasping breaths, as if he’s fighting to speak when he’s not gesticulating wildly. It’s all a show, and it’s sad that some find it convincing.  View article →


Francis Chan

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